Criminal Defense

The criminal defense lawyers in our firm routinely help clients resolve cases in which they have been criminally charged in Sangamon, Logan, Morgan, Christian, Pike, Menard, Cass, Montgomery, and all of the surrounding counties in Central Illinois.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is an important decision for any client. Our firm focuses almost exclusively on criminal defense and related matters (e.g., juvenile delinquency, license reinstatement, post-conviction work, petitions for recovery in Sexual Dangerous and Sexually Violent Persons cases, and appeals). We handle criminal matters in both State and Federal court in Springfield, Decatur, Petersburg, Hillsboro, Jacksonville, Lincoln, and all of Central Illinois. We know that the facts of the case are often far more complex than the facts presented to us by the Prosecutor and investigating agency. Frequently, there are numerous witnesses to be interviewed, experts to be hired, reconstruction to be performed, pictures to be taken, and documents to be subpoenaed. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we have done it all and we make it our practice to follow up on all relevant and helpful leads our clients give us during the course of our investigation.

When our clients have been charged with drug crimes or gun crimes based on evidence found in connection with a search warrant, we understand the importance of closely examining the search warrant itself, along with the complaint and affidavit(s) presented to the issuing judge. We understand that there are times when a confidential informant does not give accurate information or the police misrepresent things that happened leading up to their application for warrant such that a Franks hearing is necessary to determine the validity of a warrant. In addition, we review the time and manner and scope of the search and seizure that resulted during the execution of that warrant, as there are times when police exceed the authority granted in the warrant. We have litigated numerous motions on these issues.

When our clients have been charged with sex crimes, we understand that while many people tend to think of these cases as “he said/she said,” there are often records which can help us deflate the State’s case against our client, especially social media accounts and telephone records. Additionally, in some cases our clients may have a legitimate mistake of age defense.

We are aggressive litigators when it comes to defending our clients and not afraid to confront and cross-examine any and all State’s witnesses on important issues.

We understand the unfortunate reality that while everyone is supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law, there are some groups of people who end up being targeted more than others and that occasionally a client’s arrest and related charges have more to do with social and economic factors than the actual facts of the case. It is part of our mission to remind the trier of fact (either the judge or jury) that where a client comes from does not make him/her more or less likely to have committed any crime, and that they should review every case as if their own son/daughter/aunt/uncle/mother/father were on trial.

Being charged with any type of criminal matter can be incredibly stressful for not only those accused, but also their families and friends. Criminal allegations can have serious repercussions personally, professionally, socially, and financially–especially if the accused remains in jail while the case is pending. As criminal defense lawyers, aggressively litigate all of these cases with an eye toward helping our clients get their lives back so that they and their loved ones can return to normalcy in their day-to-day living.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in central Illinois, please call our firm as soon as possible for your free consultation. We will help you assess your situation (or the situation of your loved one) and make a plan for resolving the matter as quickly and beneficially as possible.