Civil Rights

Police misconduct cannot be part of our criminal justice system. We have watched the reports and videos for many years and listened to our clients’ complaints about certain officers and policing habits. We know what an arrest, a search, a detention should look like regardless of whether the underlying offense is a DUI, domestic battery, retail theft, or possession of a controlled substance and we know when officers are abusing the system and our clients. It is not the job of law enforcement officers to be the judge, jury, and executioner on the streets during their arrests and those officers who take it upon themselves to behave in that manner should be held accountable.

We are experienced litigators who have handled multiple excessive force cases in federal court in central Illinois. We are prepared to investigate, litigate, depose, and cross-examine law enforcement agents and officers and to take these matters to trial.

Suffering injuries from police abuse and misconduct has lifelong lasting impacts that can be physical, emotional, and social. No one should have to be afraid for their life when approached by law enforcement and we are prepared to vindicate the rights of those individuals who have been harmed in the course of an arrest, execution of a search warrant, traffic stop, or any other police encounter.

If you or a loved one has been injured by law enforcement, call our office. Our experienced and caring staff will take your call, listen to your needs, and we will help you hold the officers involved accountable for their actions.